Home Inspections

Home Inspections

For most people, buying a home is one of the biggest financial investments of their lifetime. While, price point, location, interior and exterior finishing are the primary factors influencing would be buyers

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Home Improvements

Home Improvements

When it comes to altering or adding structures for renovation purposes, you need an experienced team who knows what they are doing. Do not risk your home, which probably is the biggest investment of your life – ensure you have chosen the right team for the job

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rodan gas

Radon Gas

Based on the latest study conducted by Health Canada, 16% of lung cancers death in Canada caused by being exposed to radon gas.

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Certified Home Inspectors

Avail the Premium Quality Home Inspection Services

At any point of time, you are looking forward to buy a new home or a second hand home, it is of immense importance to get the home thoroughly inspected at beginning so that no problems arise later on. It is true that buying a home might be one of the biggest investments of in the whole life and hence the decision needs to taken very carefully.

Most of the buyers usually have a look at the influencing factors such as price, location, finishing of both interior & exterior and many more. These are actually the primary factors that are usually considered. But have you ever given it a thought that what would happen if the exterior walls of the house are not insulated or if the rafters in attic have rotted due the presence of chronic wetness? These are actually the factors that are usually not considered at the beginning yet they are extremely important.

It is exactly at this point of time, when the services of a home inspectorcome to the rescue of the home buyers or the home owners. We at JJ Home Inspections provide the users with the top notch home inspection services so as to make sure that none of the users have to face any kinds trouble with their homes at any point of time. We are one of the most trusted as well as reputed home inspection service provider to take a very good care of the each of the aspects of a home and make sure that the people living in it never ever have to come face to face with any difficult situations such as leaking roof, unstable roof, electric lines, plumbing and a number of others. So, before you make the biggest investment of your life, do not hesitate to contact us, the licensed home inspector.

What We Do?

We at JJ Home Inspections offer home inspection services so as to make sure that the home is safe in all aspects. Our team of experts delve deeper into each of the aspects of the home and go for a thorough inspection. We make sure that none of the corners of the home are left out for the purpose of identifying the existence of any issues that can be hazardous or can give rise to any kinds of unfavourable circumstance in the time to come. It is always our suggestion to all of the home buyers to avoid all kinds of risks and hire a trusted and reputed home inspector for effectively carrying out the task of home inspection at its best. We at JJ Home Inspections are certified and experienced home inspectors to do the job for you. Our work includes a thorough inspection of each and every aspect of home in a step wise manner which includes the following.

By the conduction of all of the steps, the certified home inspector makes sure that nothing is left out thereby certifying the house to be a safe one.

Our Team

We have a team of certified home inspectors who are adequately trained and vastly experienced to provide the best of the services to the users. Our licensed home inspectors are specially trained for the assessment of the structural integrity of the home, appropriately identify the areas or the items that have potential future risk thereby needing maintenance that is roof, windows, doors, furnace etc. In an addition to this, our team provides the users with a complete buyer’s knowledge regarding the home so that they are necessarily able to take a completely informed decision which in turn makes sure that the users need not have to repent in the future.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing JJ Home Inspection as your home inspector necessarily gives you a complete peace of mind without you having to worry about anything at the time of buying a house. We are one of the premier home inspection service providers and we always assure to provide only the top quality services so that you are able to reside in your house safely and comfortably.


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